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Nick Blackbourn HI NW Seaport Alliance, I am looking to obtain the total exported units (TEU's) at the Port of S... Diane Jordan
kyle Daneff I'm in search for a Hydraulic Analysis for Erdahl Ditch Diane Jordan
Elizabeth A Bothi Dear Port Commissioner or Leasing Agent,  I am a Senior at North Seattle College getting my BAS ... Diane Jordan
James Kennedy Please send the following: Copies of all communications leases / licenses, payment histories, ... Diane Jordan
Khamly Chuop Hi, May I receive a copy of the org chart for your environmental divisions at about the Port of ... Diane Jordan
John Persak To whom it may concern, This request (.pdf) was sent to the NWSA over 15 days ago, via t... Diane Jordan
Charles Leinas Good afternoon. We received the bid tabulations for RFP 18-22 however we would also like the int... Diane Jordan
Tyler Brady Please provide me with all 2018 invoices, bills, receipts,  expenses, and purchase orders regardi... Diane Jordan
Charles Leinas Bid tabulations pertaining to  RFP 070923 Marketing & Advertising Support Services Diane Jordan
Imaad Hi, I would like the container volumes (in TEUs) separately for the port of Tacoma and port of S... Diane Jordan
Imaad Hi, I would like to have the May 2018 container volumes for Port of Seattle and Tacoma separatel... Diane Jordan
Margaret McKenna  Hi there, I am conducting research and am looking to track the monthly TEU volumes for various ... Diane Jordan
No name available I request a complete and unedited electronic copy in electronic format and in the highest resolut... Diane Jordan
Ian Swenson April 16, 2018

Pursuant to the state open records law RCW secs. 42.56.001 to 42.56.902, I...
Diane Jordan
Sara Watkins I would like any and all records that pertains to the kayak action on Harbor Island March 18th at... Diane Jordan
Doug Minnis Port of Tacoma: I would like to request the AWC Lease and Operating agreement and all amendments... Diane Jordan
Ryan Donald The Port of San Diego, with the help of our consultant Kathryn McDermott, is conducting a benchma... Diane Jordan
Sumeet Joshi Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to obtain electronically (e.g. excel etc.) for each of 2016 and 201... Diane Jordan
Michael Munoz Hello, I work for a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, and I would li... Diane Jordan
Ruthann Caudill Dear Public Record Requests Seattle Seaport Alliance,   In November I filed a complaint about a... Diane Jordan
Brian Spiegel Hello,  My name is Brian and I am a private investigator here in Olympia, WA.  My client is seeki... Diane Jordan
Dennis Matteo As a summary what we need is the following:  Detailed line item budget costs associated with bui... Diane Jordan
Alicia L. Lowe Any and all records, physical or electronic, prepared, owned, used or retained by the Port ... Diane Jordan
Chad Odom In 2008, the ports of Tacoma, Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., adopted the Northwest Ports Clean Air ... Diane Jordan
Jessica Pike I would like any and all documents that contain information about future ships that will be comin... Diane Jordan
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